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Christine Beckwith Annie Mac Lead Sign up

Annie Mac Home Mortgage is your regional lending partner for the Associate Worx productivity platform.

When you sign up, you'll be agreeing to a symbiotic working relationship with our local lending professional.

They were enrolled because of their comprehensive commitment to the program. That means they help recruit, retain and increase production of all of our members. This is not a standard mortgage alliance, it's a true arm and arm partnership.

A tag team approach to converting seller and buyer leads plus an over the top tangible exchange of value to is RESPA compliant and adds value beyond the lending process.

If it weren't for ANNIE MAC the program could not exist!

So if you appreciate the program...

Reach out to Annie Mac today and build a genuine relationship

Your Regional Manager is Christine Beckwith

My role is*:
I continue to honor my regional lending partner with loan prequalification's and mortgage applications*:
I use the Quality Assurance Clause on my listing presentations and in all Worx referred leads*:
I return referral agreements within 24 hours of leads received *:
I agree to additional flat fee commission charges whether I charge the fee to the buyer, seller or pay them from listing side commission. :
I understand that on Impac leads there is upto a 30% referral fee*:
I am especially interested in Wells Fargo Proprietary or Portfolio Short Sales*:
I am especially interested in non-conforming jumbo short sales above $1M*:
I am willing to work on new listing lead sources to help prove conversion rates*:
I am interested in additional sources of buyer and seller side leads in the future*:
I have achieved the following designations from Associate Worx:

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